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Scanpack is four days packed to the brim with inspiration, keynotespeakers, knowledge, new business contacts, performances and handson workshops. A hub for creativity aimed at sharing ideas on technology, materials and solutions giving you the competitive edge to be relevant in a circular future.

Bringing together innovators, designers, decision-makers, scientists and thoughtleaders, Scanpack is an exploration of what packaging can and needs to be tomorrow.

Our booth: B03-60


On display our GCL casepacker

The GCL casepacker places pillow, block bottom and doy bags in an upright position into “display” cases.

The bags are fed in original position lying flat on the infeed conveyor. A race track collects the bags and put them in an upright position until a complete row has been formed.

The whole row is then transported besides the discharge position. Pushed out of the racetrack onto the bomb doors. Once the bags (single or multiple rows) are in discharge position, the doors are pulled away to the side creating an opening and drop the bags into the case.