CP 301 Casepacker

For packing confectionary product

For confectionery/sweets

The CP 301 case packer has been specially developed in order to pack small bags horizontally in boxes at high speed and handle a wide range of flexible bags containing sweets and snacks. When equipped with a simple additional option, the unit is also capable of laying block-base bags or doypacks horizontally in a head-to-toe pattern in the box.

Functional description:
The CP301 case packer is capable of loading bags fully automatically into boxes or crates. A swivel belt is used to position the bags at the desired width on the retract belt, next, the retract belt lays the bag formation on the drop flaps. The bags can be overlapped in both orientations (length and width) in order to achieve optimum product distribution in the box. The drop flaps open parabolically, which reduces the drop height. The drop flaps are servo-driven, resulting in rapid and controlled movement. After opening the drop flaps, the products are placed in the box. Multiple layers can be loaded into the box in this way. The box is vibrated during loading (option) in order to achieve optimum filling. Different packing patterns are obtained by turning the box, so the box is turned rather than the bags, in order to achieve different packing patterns.

The CP301 features a completely menu-controlled program reset facility that allows product changeovers to be implemented in just minutes and means that even short product runs can be produced cost effectively in full automatic mode.


Up to 180 bags/minute in combination with a simple technology level, very small footprint and full menu control.

The bags or the box are turned, depending on the specific application.

A turning system has been developed for block-base bags and doypacks in order to allow head-to-toe packing.

Good accessibility for servicing

Stainless steel and aluminium components

CP 301 Casepacker - product details
Overall dimensionsLength: 2600mm / 102.4"; Width: 1200mm / 47.2"; Hoogte: 2000mm / 78.7"
Product infeed height1200mm / 47.2"
Case/Crate infeed- outfeed height 450mm / 17.7"
Electrical Supply3pfase 400V + N + PE, 50Hz, 3.1kW, 16A
Compressed air supply350 Nl/min, 6bar (660Nl/min, 90PSI)
Shipping weight 750kg, (3945lbs)
Case/Crate dimensions Length: 300 - 600mm / 11.8" - 23.6"; Width: 200 - 400mm / 7.9" - 15.7" ; Height 100 - 300mm / 3.9" - 11.8"
Capacity180 products/min; Up to 20 cases/min
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