SL 105 Sideloader

For vertical packing

The SL 105 side loader has been specially developed for applications requiring vertical packing of a wide variety of flexible bags, in a box or crate with a number of different packing patterns.

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Functional description:
The SL 105 side loader loads pillow bags, block-base bags, doypacks, clip bags and small boxes vertically into folded boxes, crates and display boxes. The bags are laid on a feed belt and transported into a cassette. In the case of multiple rows, the feed belt pivots from side to side in order to create the laying pattern. The bags are placed in the cassette, which progressively moves downwards by one layer of bags at a time. The cassette reaches its lowest position in readiness for loading the product into the box, when the required quantity of bags (as set in the menu) is present in the cassette. After three dimensional compaction is applied, the pusher moves the contents of the cassette into the vertically placed box, which is positioned behind. The bags are accumulated on the feed belt when the boxes are exchanged. In the case of a twin version of the SL 105 side loader, the second cassette is loaded and the cycle repeated. A menu-controlled box feed system ensures supply of the empty boxes and discharges the filled boxes.


High-speed packing

Three dimensional product compaction, resulting in a highly compact final pack, that cannot be achieved by hand packing.

Good accessibility for servicing

Stainless steel and aluminium components

Many options available in order to engineer a customised solution

Productdata SL 105
Overall dimensionsLength: 3300mm / 129.9” Width: 2300mm / 90.6” Height: 2000mm / 78.7”
Product infeed height1200mm / 47.2”
Case/Crate/Display case infeed- and outfeed height 450mm / 17.7”
Electrical supply3phase 400V + N + PE, 50Hz, 5kW, 16A
Compressed air supply300 Nl/min, 6bar (500 Nl/min, 90PSI)
Shipping weight1050kg, (2500lbs)
Case - crate sizes Length: 240 - 600mm / 9.4" - 23.6” Width: 85 - 400mm / 3.3" - 15.8” Height: 180 - 200mm / 7" - 7.9”
Capacity Single version Up to 60 Products/min 12 cases - crates/min; Twin version Up to 120 Products/min 20 cases - crates/min
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