Our strategic vision

The packaging market is highly dynamic and changes every day. Creative innovations are required in order to continue to satisfy increasing market demands and requirements. The customer is our central focus at CPS. We know that you have to generate revenue with our solutions and this inspires us to continuously look for innovative improvements.

We have structured our organisation in a way that allows us to fulfil this strategic vision. Our in-house R&D, engineering and assembly departments gives us the flexibility to react quickly to customer’s specific requirements and market demands and changes. We are only satisfied when you, as our customer, are happy with the solution we offer. Our specific case packing lines provide the basic engineering, which can be adapted to suit your needs.

Our goal is not to simply deliver an efficient packaging machine, but also to improve your packaging process substantially and achieve permanent reduced costs. When you buy from us, you receive a packaging line that creates the foundations for a long-term, profitable collaboration.