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Within CPS, dairy products mainly mean cheese products! When you produce cheese, you have a variety of different products. From pillow bags for grated cheese, flow packs with sliced ​​cheese to trays with weighed cheese blocks. CPS has developed and built various systems that can pack these products into cases or crates fully automatically.

Dairy Casepackers

GCL Vertical Casepacker (gravity)

The GCL vertical casepacker (gravity) is especially designed to pack in a compact way bags vertically into a "display" cases.

General dimensions
3.200mm x 2.000mmx 2.400mm
Carrier dimensions
Max. 600 x 400 x 550mm (open) Min. 185 x 110 x 110mm (closed)
up to 140 products/min or 20 cases.
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