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Since the foundation in 1988, CPS has focused on fully automatic case packing of flexible products and trays.

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CPS knows how to pack these products quickly and efficiently like no other company. But it doesn't stop here. Our casepackers are packing more product per m3 than is possible by hand and therefore realizes a cost saving. CPS uses this knowledge and experience to build high quality casepackers.

Agriculture gekocht

Agriculture (fresh/frozen)

We have developed product-friendly casepackers, where product damage is prevented by creating a minimum drop height. This is combined with very high capacities allowing many packing patterns.

Bakery gekocht 1

Bakery (fresh/frozen)

For you as our customer, we innovate and develop individual case packing options for you. Together we think in terms of solutions to meet your specific market demand.

Dairy gekocht


When you produce cheese, you have a variety of different products. From pillow bags for grated cheese, flow packs with sliced ​​cheese to trays with weighed cheese blocks. CPS has developed and built various systems that can pack these products into cases or crates fully automatically.

Industrie dierenvoeding petfood


From large bags to small bags with petfood, packaging in crates, cases or display cases, vertical or horizontal packaging, we have a solution for all these demands.

Confectionary gekocht


For low or high outputs, vertical or horizontal packing in folding cases, display cases and crates we have a solution available!

Nuts snacks gekocht


In the snack industry, you often have to pack many different products. CPS helps you to serve your customers well in a rapidly changing market. We think in terms of solutions to meet your specific market demand.

Vegan gekocht

Vegan (fresh/frozen)

The vegan industry is an industry in which you often have to pack many different products. Due to the short changeover times, small batches can be packed quickly and efficiently with the CPS case packers.

Proteine gekocht 2

Proteïne (fresh/frozen)

By protein products we mean meat / winged and fish products

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