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Taylor made casepackers

No challenge is too crazy for us!

Bart klein

Thanks to our unique, modular systems and the problem-solving ability of our team, we know how to pack the impossible. We are only satisfied if you are a satisfied customer with our solution.


Horizontal Casepackers

Horizontal packing of a wide variety of bag shapes into cases at high speed. With these casepackers we pack more kg/m3 than anyone else.


Vertical or combi casepackers

These casepackers load fully automatically at high speed in various packing patterns pillow bags, block bottom bags, doy style bags, clip bags and small boxes in folding cases, display cases and crates.


Pick & Place Casepacker

With our CLP (Pick & Place) casepacker MAP trays, skin trays, skinpacks, flow packs, topseal punnets, clamshells, cups and semi-flexible products are packed horizontally in cases, cardboard trays and crates.


Crate / Container Loaders

The crate / container loader has a product-friendly way of packing. There is no drop height of the product. The product is laid down layer by layer until the desired number of layers is reached.

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