Who we are and what we do

Since its foundation in 1988, CPS has focused on fully automatic case packing systems with a special emphasis on flexible products and trays. CPS is uniquely proficient in packing products of this type rapidly and efficiently. And there are other benefits as well. CPS machines pack products more compactly than is possible by hand and therefore achieve substantial cost savings. Packing in shelf-ready boxes has also become an important aspect. CPS uses this expertise and experience to produce high-quality case packers.

Flexible bags, MAP trays or flowpacks in all shapes and sizes are packed fully automatically and at high speed in RSC boxes, cardboard trays, crates and even pallet boxes and wheeled containers. In order to supply customer-specific case packer lines, CPS integrates X-ray scanners, metal detectors, checkweighers, coding systems and case erectors in its case packing systems. The total case packer line, ranging from the complete product and box supply systems, possibly including merging and buffer systems, to final discharge of the sealed box, is designed and constructed by CPS in house.

If required, collaborations can be set up with partners in order to deliver complete turn-key projects including packaging machines and palletising systems.

CPS currently produces a complete range of professional case packers.

Making the Impossible Packable !