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Stay on Top of Your Game There’s only one place in North America where you can explore 2023’s most cutting-edge packaging and processing solutions from thousands of suppliers, and that’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas! Attending gives you access to all kinds of opportunities to move projects forward, develop relationships and gain valuable perspective on industry trends—all in one place.

Every two years, PACK EXPO Las Vegas brings together all packaged goods and life sciences industries for the most productive week of the year. This is where suppliers showcase their latest innovations and end users discover game-changing solutions to packaging and processing challenges.

With thousands of solutions on display, PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 is the one show in North America where consumer packaged goods and life sciences companies can count on finding the right solutions for their next project.


Our booth:

On display our CLP (pick and place casepacker)

The CLP casepacker is a Pick & Place unit for packing f.e. MAP trays, flowpacked products, skinpacks and many others horizontally into boxes, cardboard trays and plastic crates.

This system loads products into crates, boxes or trays fully automatically, products are packed on the fly without buffering. The products may be rigid, semi-rigid or flexible. They can be turned or left in original orientation, what creates a huge variety of packing patterns as a result. The pick-up head picks up the products as the retracting conveyor under the products opens and the head (only vertical movement) places a complete layer of products into the case, crate or tray.