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The food manufacturing industry is ever-evolving. For those who work in the space, it can be tough to stay updated on the latest innovations, trends, and news. Enter: The Roundup. In each edition, we’ll share recent news, articles, and reports that’ll help you stay in the know.

The State of Food Manufacturing in 2023 [:07]

Increased demand for products, supply chain challenges, and labor shortages are some of the key trends in food manufacturing this year, according to Food Engineering’s annual survey.

The Top 5 Benefits of AI for Food Manufacturing and the Supply Chain [:04]

There’s been a lot of hubbub around AI in recent months. Here, learn some of the key ways this new tech can be beneficial to food manufacturers.

Case Study: Using Digital Transformation to Close the Skills Gap [:03]

It’s no secret that the labor shortage is one of the biggest challenges facing our industry. Here, learn how one manufacturer leveraged tech to appeal to a new, younger generation of workers.

What’s best, a complete or phased approach to warehouse automation? [:06]

Efficiency and automation have been hot topics as of late—especially in response to the labor shortage. Learn more about the different ways manufacturers can embrace automation, as well as the benefits and considerations for each.

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