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Test before you invest!!

In this current era where there is less travelling and more is done digitally, we at CPS offer the possibility to test and record your product test. You can even watch live!!!

Our demo room is equipped with ten cameras: eight fixed ones at essential positions in the CP201 ​​line, so that you can clearly see what the function of the different modules are, as well as a fixed camera on a tripod outside the line for a presentation Even a mobile hand camera if you want to see a specific detail of the machine.

For good communication, we have installed two 45-inch TV's, these are linked to a clear sound system so that you as a customer can also be clearly heard. On the second TV we can see the images that the customer sees.

We created a tool to do online demonstrations what enables us to show the features of the case packer. "This can be done with our own available test products or with the customer's products. You as a customer can choose to get a real-time live demonstration or a recorded demonstration.

Submit a test request

Would you like us to perform a test with your product to see what we as CPS can mean for your production. We guarantee you that you will be amazed what kind of added value CPS can be for your company!