Pick and place applications

Pick and Place applications

The Pick & Place CLP case packer integrates a Pick&Place unit that picks and places MAP trays, flowpacked products, sausages and semi-flexible bags to allow horizontal packing in boxes, cardboard trays and crates.

Functional description:
This system loads products into crates, boxes or trays fully automatically, because buffering does not take place the products may be rigid, semi-rigid or flexible. The feed system is even capable of turning products, or leaving them in their original orientation, with a huge variety of packing patterns as a result. The pick-up head grasps the products, the retracting conveyor under the products opens and the P&P head places a complete layer of products in the box, crate or tray, placing the products in the product carrier only involves a downward movement. The system offers extreme levels of reliability in combination with high capacity because each complete layer is placed in a single operation. The P&P head operates at a relatively low speed, meaning that fragile products can also be packed without problems.


Product-friendly packing method, even suitable for stretch film

High-speed packing capabilities based on simple engineering

Small footprint and good accessibility for servicing

Stainless steel and aluminium components

Many options available in order to engineer a customised solution.


CLP Casepacker product details
Overall dimensionsLength: 3150 - 2300 mm / 124” - 90.5” Width: 1470mm / 57.7” Height: 2000mm / 78.7”
Product infeed height900 - 1200mm / 35.4 - 47.2”
Case/Crate/Cardboard tray infeed- and outfeed height 450mm / 17.7”
Electrical supply3phase 400V + N + PE, 50Hz, 3.5kW, 16A
Compressed air supply660 Nl/min, 6bar (660 Nl/min, 90PSI)
Shipping weight1200kg, (3200lbs)
Case - crate sizes Length: 300 - 600mm / 11,8" - 23.6” Width: 200 - 400mm / 7.8" - 15.8” Height: 100 - 300mm / 3,9" - 11.8”
Capacity Up to 120 Products/min; Up to 20 cases - crates/min
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