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The CL64 crateloader packs bags into crates with a dimension of 600x400mm in various packing patterns and layers.

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Functional description

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The CL 64 loads bags into crates fully automatically. The bags are supplied via an infeed belt on which they can be turned (optional). The bags are then collected until a complete row is formed. Overlap is also possible. The entire row is transported into the cassette. After a layer has been created, it moves downwards into the crate with closed segments. At the lowest point, the segments are pulled sideways, loading the layer with no drop height into the crate. Multiple layers are possible.

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Do you want flexibility?

Using the CLP 64 crate loader, many bag sizes and packing patterns are possible, by using vertical belts, rotary belts and the product-friendly transfer unit (pusher). All these belts are menu controlled to achieve optimal flexibility in packing patterns.

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Gentle Product handling

From net/clip bags to pillow bags, from cardboard trays, crates to folding crates with or without bail arms, the CL64 can handle all these without any problems. The product-friendly transfer unit processes any packing pattern at high speed.

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Optimal filling level!

During the filling of the crate, it can be vibrated to achieve an optimal filling level. This vibration frequency can be set in the menu.

Optionally the CL 64 can equipped with a pusher plate and/or crate spreaders.


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What makes the CL64 so unique?

  • Gentle product handling, no damaged product
  • Flexibility with regards to packing patterns / layers up to speeds of 120 products/minute
  • Easy accesability for service.
  • User friendly, wizard for making new programms and menu controlled.
  • Use of mainly stainless steel and aluminium frame parts.
  • Third party equipment can be added to realise a custom made delivery.
  • Standard remote access.

Technical properties

Product data CL64 Crateloader

General dimensions Length: 1700mm, Width: 2540mm and height: 2000mm
Product infeed height 1200mm
Crate in- and outfeed height 450mm
Electrical supply 3fase 400V + N + PE 50Hz 3,1kW 16A
Compressed air supply 350 Nl/min, 6bar
Shipping weight 750kg
Crate dimensions Length: 600mm; width: 400mm; Height: 100 - 540mm
Capacity 120 products/min; 20 crates/min

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