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The CP 301 case packer has been specially developed in order to pack small bags horizontally in boxes at high speed and handle a wide range of flexible bags containing f.e. sweets and snacks. When equipped with a simple additional option, the unit is also capable of laying blockbottom bags or doy stylepacks horizontally alternating in the case.

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Functional description


Horizontal packing of small packages at high speeds

The CP301 case packer is capable of loading bags fully automatically into cases or crates. A swivel belt is used to position the bags at the desired position on the retract belt. This belt lays the bag formation on the bomb doors. The bags can be overlapped in both orientations (length and width) in order to achieve optimum product placement in the case. The bomb doors open parabolically, which reduces the drop height. The bomb doors are servo-driven, resulting in rapid and controlled movement.


Great variety of products

After opening the bomb doors, the products are placed into the case. Multiple layers can be loaded. During loading the case is vibrated (option) to achieve an optimum filling. Different packing patterns are obtained by turning the case and or the bags. As well blockbottom bags and doy style packs can be horizontally alternated packed by using a simple extension.

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Many options possible

The CP301 is completely menu-controlled, so downtime is reduced to a minimum. Changeovers are done in just a few minutes what means that even a short production run can be produced cost effectively. The CP301 case packer can be extended with many options to create a custom-made line to meet your production needs. For example crate spreaders, destackers, stackers, case compactors etc.


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CP 301 your choice to pack fast

  • Proven technology.
  • Up to 180 b/m possible with simple technology, small footprint.
  • The bags or the case can be turned depending on the application.
  • Block bottom bags and doy style packs can be packed alternating to achieve an optimal filling of the case.
  • Easy to operate. Graphical HMI and self explaining easy programming (wizard).
  • Maintenance friendly. Open and robuust stainless steel construction, easy accessibility.
  • Variety in packing patterns and various layers possible.
  • Standard remote access.
  • Reduction of downtime. Menu controlled, fast and toolless changeovers!
  • Easy integration / combination of third party equipment.

Technical properties

Product data CP 301 Casepacker (gravity)

General dimensions Length: 2600mm / 102.4"; Width: 1200mm / 47.2"; Hoogte: 2000mm / 78.7"
Infeed height products 1200mm / 47.2"
Case infeed height 450mm / 17.7"
Electrical supply 3phase 400V + N + PE, 50Hz, 3.1kW, 16A
Compressed air supply 350 Nl/min, 6bar
Shipping weight 750kg, (3945lbs)
Case / crate dimensions Length: 300 - 600mm / 11.8" - 23.6"; Width: 200 - 400mm / 7.9" - 15.7" ; Height 100 - 300mm / 3.9" - 11.8"
Capacity 180 products/min; 20 cases/min

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