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The CP Compact is a simple gravity case packer and suitable for packing large flexible bags horizontally in cases or crates. The Compact case packer is an optimized solution f.e. bread and petfood products with simple packing patterns.

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Functional description


Large flexible bags packed horizontally in cases or crates.

The CP compact case packer is capable of loading bags fully automatically into cases or crates. The bags in original position are accumulated until a row of one or more bags has been formed; overlapping is possible during this process in order to achieve optimum product distribution in the case.

Multiple layers can be loaded into the case, the case is vibrated during loading (option) in order to achieve optimum filling.


Compress large bags

A stopper plate and compression plate closes the row at the front and back. This allows large bags of loose product to be compressed in a way that they can be packed in a smaller cases or trays. This is especially important for the bread industry.


Flexible case change unit

The case change unit has been developed for large cases or crates, but smaller cases can also be processed. Optionally, a vibrating unit is available for better compaction of your products. Vibration intensity and duration is menu controlled.


Pusher plate

The pressure pusher plate is optionally available, the product is held in place during the vibration and settles the product better. The pusher plate is laser checked in height and measures the height of the product in the case.


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Why the CP Compact is the perfect entry model!

  • Good accessibility for servicing.
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminium construction.
  • Reduced downtime due to easy (toolless) change overs.
  • User-friendly operator programming & controls.
  • Simple design / small footprint.
  • Use of standard components.
  • Standard remote access.
  • Easy integration / combination of third party equipment.

Technical properties

Product data CP Compact

General dimensions Length: 1400mm / 55.1” Width: 1470mm / 57.9” Height: 2000mm / 78.7”
Infeed height products 1200mm / 47.2”
Case infeed height 450mm / 17.7”
Electrical supply 3fase 400V + N + PE, 50Hz, 3.5kW, 16A
Compressed air supply 500 Nl/min, 6bar (500 Nl/min, 90PSI)
Shipping weight 950kg, (2500lbs)
Case / crate dimensions Length: 300 - 600mm / 11.8" - 23.6” Width: 200 - 400mm / 7.8" - 15.8” Height: 100 - 400mm / 3.9" - 15.8”
Capacity up to 80 products/min; 15 carriers/min

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