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The CPSL 1 combines vertical and horizontal packing in one case packer. Using the same technology from the CP 201 and the SL1 sideloader.

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Functional description


CPSL 1 compact packing in a horizontal or vertical way.

The CPSL1 is ideal if you are looking for flexibility. Both horizontally and vertically you can pack frozen products compactly by means of our uniquely developed compacting technology. The CP201 and SL1 are combined in a machine frame, using the same proven technology. This makes this casepacker very reliable.

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Horizontal packing

The bags are centered on the infeedbelt and can be turned or not to achieve the correct packing pattern. The bags are then placed on a collect belt and accumulated. Partially overlapped is as well possible. Then the bag or bags are transported to the compacting group. The CPSL1 casepacker can be equipped with many options that make the line complete according to product and customer demands.


Vertical packing

The bags are fed on an infeed belt and transported to a cassette. With multiple rows in a case the swivel on the infeed conveyor swings from left to right to create the desired packing pattern. The bags are placed bag by bag in a cassette, whereby the cassette is lowered by one bag thickness each time. After the required amount of bags is present in the cassette, three-dimensional compacting is applied. The pusher moves the complete contents of the cassette into the vertically placed case.

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Rumbling station

After the bags are being taken over the bags are flattened at the rumbling station. Loose product detection will take place at the same time. Open bags will be rejected by our retract belt. Optional the air deflation unit can be added to this station.

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Easy integration of non CPS components

Our CP 201 can be easily equipped with a bag control weigher, metal detector and or X-ray detector.
Some of these components can even be integrated into our own menu. Which means, a product change is controlled via our HMI. The reject of wrong weights and or detected bags happens over our CPS retract belt.

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Case checkweigher

After the case has been filled and compacted, it is transported to the case weighing station where static weighing takes place. Wrong weights cases are automatically removed from the line and rejected on the roller conveyor. Due to the case re- infeed belt (optional), the cases can be automatically brought back into the line after manual correction.

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Case closer

The CPS case closer has been specially developed for closing American style cases either with tape or hot melt. During closing the case is vibrated and pressed to get a perfectly closed case to guarantee problem-free palletising. This closer can handle fefco 201 (tape/hotmelt) and 209 (hotmelt) cases. It's completely menu controlled and the changeover between tape and hotmelt can be done toolless in just a few minutes..



Packing vertical or horizontal with our CPSL1

  • Packing more product per m3 then possible by hand.
  • Proven technology, over 30 years of experience.
  • Userfrendly, wizzard for automatic programming, menu controlled and toolless adjusting via menu.
  • up to160 bags/minute possible by using simple technology.
  • flexible in different packing patterns.
  • Good accessibility for service purposes.
  • Complete build using stainless steel and aluminium components.
  • Standard executed with remote access.
  • Expandable with many options for custom made delivery.

Technical properties

Product data CPSL1 Vertical & Horizontal packing

General Dimentions 4000 x 2000 x 2000 mm
Productcarier in - outfeed heigth 2000mm - 450mm
Electrical supply 3phase 400V + N + PE 50Hz, 8kW 16A
Compressed air supply 500 Nl/min, 6bar (500 Nl/min, 90PSI)
Shipping weight 3000Kg
Case Dimentions Horizontal Length: 350 - 600mm; Width: 200 - 400mm; Height 100 - 550mm
Case Dimentions Vertical (portrait) Length: 270 - 600mm; Width: 180 - 600mm; Height 146 - 600mm
Case Dimentions Vertical (landscape) Length: 350 - 600mm; Width: 270 - 600mm; Heigth 146 - 600mm
Capacity horizontal packing 160 producten/min; 18 dozen/min
Capaciteit vertical packing 90 producten/min; 12 dozen/min

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