Cheese producers generally have to handle many different products. Ranging from pillow bags for grated cheese, sliced cheese in flowpacks to trays containing a precisely weighed amount of cheese cubes.

CPS has developed and constructed various systems that are capable of packing these products fully automatically in boxes or crates.

The CP 301 (with a special turning attachment) is the optimum choice for packing doypacks and block-base bags in a head-to-toe pattern in order to maximise box filling. Flowpacked products are packed with a Pick&Place CLP case packer and the SL105 Sideloader is ideal for packing block-base bags vertically. CPS can also offer more elaborate solutions. For example, combi case packers capable of packing a variety of the above products in either vertical or horizontal positioning.

We invite you to investigate the possibilities first hand by running product packaging tests on a case packer in our test facility.